About Me

Preeti Whatkar - Technical Writer & Content Writer for WordPress

Hi, my name is Preeti Whatkar. Welcome to my blog!

My WordPress journey began a few years ago, with my job; which involved testing WordPress products for QA.  Locating a bug & reporting it was my favorite part of the testing process every day ( in case you are wondering – Yes, I did get along with my developer colleagues ).

I started out with creating documentation / user manuals which later lead to writing WordPress product review posts on WPeka.com for various WordPress plugins & themes. Since then I have not looked back. Ripping apart products (themes & plugins) to test them vigorously has now become my favorite hobby.

I’ve now taken up freelancing as a WordPress QA analyst, Technical Writer & Content Writer for WordPress.

Check out my portfolio page for my work so far.

Connect with Me

You can connect with me on several social networks. You can join me on Twitter or connect with me on my LinkedIn page.

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